Past Projects

For over 20 years, The Clean Air Strategic Alliance has used consensus based negotiation to develop tools and resources to help improve air quality for all Albertans.  These tools and resources are developed through the work of a project team, with participants from Government, ENGOs and Industry, and are then presented to the CASA Board for approval.

When a team’s final report has been accepted by the Board of Directors, and transmitted to the appropriate Alberta Government Minister(s), the team is disbanded. All documentation and information used by the team is retained for future reference.

Here you will find an index of our past projects.  If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Impacts of Reduced Transportation on Air Quality in Alberta Associated with COVID-19 Project Team

Acidifying Emissions Management Implementation Team (AEMIT)

Airshed Zones Board Committee (AZBC)

Ambient Air Quality Objectives Project Team

Ambient Monitoring Strategic Plan

Animal Health

Canadian Ambient Air Quality Standards Project Team

CASA and Alberta Airsheds Council Joint Standing Committee

Clean Air Strategy

Climate Change


Communications Committee

Completed Conferences and Workshops

Bridging Interests, Building Agreement

Coordination Workshop (2007)

Coordination Workshop (2010)

Coordination Workshop (2012)

Fixed on Nitrogen

Non-Point Sources Workshop

Priority Setting Workshop

Confined Feeding Operations

Confined Feeding Operations Implementation Committee

Data Issues Group

Electrical Efficiency and Conservation (EEC)

Electricity Framework Review

Enhanced Collaboration with the Alberta Water Council

Flaring and Venting Implementation

Good Practices Guide for Odour Management

Human and Animal Health Implementation Project Team

Human Health

Indoor Air Quality

Martha Kostuch Legacy Workshop

Non-Point Source Project Team

Odour Management Team

Operations Steering Committee

Performance Evaluation Committee

PM & Ozone Management Framework

PM & Ozone Management Implementation

Pollution Prevention/Continuous Improvement (PPCI)

Renewable and Alternative Energy (R & A)

Strategic Foresight Committee

Vehicle Emissions

Breathe Easy