Strategic Foresight Committee

The Strategic Foresight Committee was formed after the Board of Directors approved the 2010 3-year Business Plan.

Strategy 1.1 of CASA’s 2010 business plan states: CASA should “conduct a strategic environmental scan to determine and prioritize emerging air quality issues and identify sectors and stakeholders associated with these issues”.

In March 2010, a Board Committee was established to implement this business plan item and inform the June 2011 Board strategic planning session. The Board directed the committee to contract a consultant to conduct the process, and to provide oversight for the project.

The committee’s objective is:

  • to oversee a process that will ensure the CASA Board has a solid foundation for strategic conversations and planning
  • enable the board to explore, make sense of, and respond to the full range of anticipated changes in the next 20 to 30 years.

Learn more about this committee through its terms of reference.

Read the final report.