The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is a new tool that measures air quality in your community and reports it on a scale from 1 to 10. Learn more about the AQHI and what the air quality around you means to your health by visiting Alberta Environment and Parks page.

Air quality information collected the previous hour becomes available about 15 minutes after the current hour. Information is available for the previous 45 days. Archived data (older than 45 days) is available at the Airdata Warehouse (formally CASA Data Warehouse).

Monitoring air quality

Monitoring stations measure the outdoor ambient air quality. Data from a number of stations, collected over time, are used to determine air quality in a particular area.

Several different methods and techniques are used but continuous and passive monitoring equipment is commonly used in Alberta. All monitoring data undergoes quality control and quality assurance procedures. The data is posted to the Airdata Warehouse (Alberta Ambient Air Data Management System) website.

The Alberta monitoring network provides core information for the evaluation of long-term trends and inter-relationships of air quality in the province. Alberta Environment is responsible for conducting province-wide monitoring.

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