Climate Change

The goal of the Climate Change project team was to contribute to greenhouse gas reductions by developing, assessing, prioritizing, explaining and recommending actions/measures to government and stakeholders that will broaden the scope of early action and assist in deciding on subsequent action.

The objectives were to:

  • identify, define, explain and recommend quick-start measures for adoption by Alberta stakeholders.
  • identify the implications for climate change of actions considered by other CASA teams focused on other air issues.
  • enable individual stakeholders to contribute to the design of measures in the national process, by promoting communication and by providing a forum for measures assessment and design from an Alberta perspective.
  • strengthen the Alberta process for responding to the climate change issue by contributing specific greenhouse gas reduction actions to the Alberta Cabinet Committee on Climate Change (C-4) process.
  • identify, define and recommend longer-term climate change response measures, to assist on-going decision-making on climate change.

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This team is currently in abeyance.


  • Martha Kostuch (NGO)
  • Brent Lakeman (GOV)


  • Climate Change Awareness

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In June 1998, the board agreed that the importance of climate change warranted more active involvement by CASA, and established a climate change working group. This working group recommended that CASA climate change activities complement the national process by focusing on identifying specific actions that either the provincial government or Alberta stakeholders could take. The working group also recommended that a climate change project team be established to identify and define such actions.

In November 1998, a multi-stakeholder climate change project team was formed to generate ideas for specific climate change actions and initiatives. The team is exploring options to reduce greenhouse gases and is following up on actions that arose from its December 1998 workshop on energy conservation and demand management in the electricity sector.

The CASA board of directors approved several recommendations in early 1999, including continuing efforts to strengthen participation in the voluntary challenge and registry, recognizing outstanding leadership on climate change in Alberta, supporting the federal government’s development of national efficiency standards in a range of areas, and undertaking a climate change pilot communication project in Alberta (ClimateWise).

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