Non-point Sources Workshop

On October 22nd, 2013, CASA hosted a workshop to explore the issue of non-point source air emissions in Alberta. Following the workshop, the CASA secretariat produced a facilitator’s summary of workshop proceedings. The proceedings capture the wide range of issues related to non-point source emissions, as well as current initiatives and future opportunities. At the workshop, future opportunities for work were prioritized, and the group discussed whether these priorities would be suitable for a multi-stakeholder process.

The workshop featured a series of stakeholder presentations that provided a range of perspectives on NPS:

As NPS is a complex issue which potentially involves a broad range of interests, stakeholders were asked to submit pre-reading material that was provided to participants of the workshop ahead of time. All submitted resources are available below as downloadable PDF files. For ease of use, the documents (numbered) and primers (indicated by a letter) have been organized into the “NPS Prereading Resource Matrix” according to the types of information contained in the material.