A growing number of organizations are involved in outdoor air quality monitoring in Alberta and there is an extensive network of monitoring stations operating across the province. CASA stakeholders recognize that there are many benefits to having a provincial strategy to establish overall objectives, identify gaps in the current provincial monitoring network and to support partners as they work together to improve the network’s efficiency. The current strategic plan was finalized in 1995.

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This CASA team was created in 2004 to oversee development of a new and improved provincial air monitoring strategic plan. In June of 2006, a workshop was held with interested stakeholders to provide input to this plan. The AMSP project team has continued to refine the draft strategy with a second workshop that was held in Edmonton on March 19, 2008.

The AMSP team presented its proposed strategy for the provincial air quality monitoring network to CASA Stakeholders for discussion and comment on the proposed strategy. Workshop documents (see highlighted portions) can be found in the CASA library.

The AMSP team presented its final Ambient Monitoring Strategic Plan to the CASA Board of Directors in late 2009.


  • Roxanne Pettipas, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Bob Myrick, Alberta Environment (GOV)
  • Ian Peace, Residents for Accountability in Power Industry Development (NGO)

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