PM & Ozone Management Implementation


This team was created in 2006 to support and, when required, facilitate the timely implementation of the 2003 Particulate Matter and Ozone Management Framework (the Framework). The team worked to assess and report on the progress of the Framework, taking into consideration the need for representation from a range of stakeholder interests, and other related initiatives in Alberta and other jurisdictions.





At the September CASA Board meeting, the Particulate Matter and Ozone Project Team presented their final report (The Framework). The Board accepted the report and recommendations by consensus and agreed to disband the team.


An update on the implementation progress of the Framework was given at the June CASA Board meeting. Concerns were raised about whether the implementers of the Framework were making sufficient progress. The Board agreed to form a Particulate Matter and Ozone Working Group to develop draft terms of reference for an implementation team.


At their March meeting, the CASA Board established the Particulate Matter & Ozone Management Implementation Project Team. Terms of reference were approved, which outlined the goals, objectives, and tasks of the team.


In March, the team presented the PM and Ozone Implementation Team 2013 Report to the CASA Board for approval. The Board accepted this report by consensus, including a recommendation for the team to disband.

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