Airshed Zones Board Committee

The Airshed Zones Board Committee mandate was to achieve clarity about the roles and relationships between the CASA Board and the Airshed Zones.

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The Committee agreed by consensus to the following objectives:

  • Understanding the needs of airshed zones from their involvement with CASA
  • Understanding the needs of CASA from its involvement with airsheds
  • Reviewing the “CASA Airshed Zones Guidelines” , particularly the benefits of airshed zones being involved with CASA, to determine if their needs are being met. If the needs of airshed zones are not being met, then gaps will be identified and recommendations made for future changes to the Guidelines.
  • Identifying policies and strategies (e.g. LUF,CAS) that will potentially impact future role of airshed zones and their relationship with CASA
  • Based on an understanding of the needs of airshed zones and potential future roles, identify what membership on the CASA Board will mean for Airsheds and recommend whether airsheds should be included in CASA Board membership.


In the committee’s final report, recommendations included opportunities to strengthen the CASA-Airshed Zones relation.

As a result CASA and Alberta Airsheds Council Joint Standing Committee was created.


CASA, the Alberta airshed zones (AZs), and the Alberta Airsheds Council (AAC) already have a good working relationship. That relationship is expected to evolve and become more complex as demands for regional air quality monitoring and management increase.

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