Thank you to all of the participants who took part in our 2012 Coordination Website.

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CASA’s 2012 Coordination Workshop, took place on May 29 & 30 at the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer, was an interactive event focusing on stakeholder engagement and community of practice.

It was designed to promote creativity, learning and networking, and was an opportunity for stakeholders to get together and share information about the major processes impacting their interests, as well as expand their knowledge about collaborative decision-making processes.

The 2012 Coordination Workshop was unique.

On Day 1 of the workshop, Stakeholder Updates & Engagement, participants:

  • Received quality information and updates about the major government and multi-stakeholder processes related to the management of air quality in Alberta.
  • Engaged in facilitated, constructive discussion about these initiatives.
  • Learned how different groups – both within and outside of CASA – can effectively channel their stakeholder interests and work to achieve common goals.

On Day 2 of the workshop, Community of Practice, participants:

  • Got an exclusive preview of the development of CASA’s new Managing Collaborative Processes Guide.
  • Were the first recipients of a printed Beta version of the Guide.
  • Learned about the key aspects of the Guide and how it can be applied to their circumstances.
  • Engaged in participant-driven discussion in a unique, unstructured format – the World Café.