Enhanced Collaboration with the Alberta Water Council

The Enhanced Collaboration with the Water Council (ECWC) project goals include:

  • Identifying opportunities for leveraging resources, increasing efficiency, avoiding duplicate efforts, and building on each others’ successes.
  • Educating and raising awareness regarding the activities and processes of both the Water Council and CASA.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to, and help build on, the important linkage between air, land, and water at the strategic level

Learn more in the terms of reference.

After the Alberta Water Council (AWC) was incorporated in 2007, the CASA board expressed interest in the potential for collaborating with the Council on matters of mutual interest. The two organizations have a number of similarities, and stakeholders wondered if efficiencies could be gained by combining activities of the secretariat and, at the strategic level, if any new consensus recommendations could be integrated.

In March 2007, the CASA board established a committee to explore opportunities for collaboration with the AWC. The committee did some initial work in 2007 and 2008 to better understand the activities of CASA and the AWC. In September 2009 the committee came together to make final recommendations under each of the three goals described in its terms of reference.

The team’s final report and recommendations are available here.

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