The ClimateWise program was developed by the CASA Climate Change Project Team (CCPT) as a community-based public outreach pilot program. The program was designed to assess what barriers inhibit Albertans from taking simple actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

All the materials associated with the ClimateWise program and its six information sessions are included here. Use them to learn more about climate change and what you can easily do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy usage.

The team agreed the effectiveness of the ClimateWise program would be enhanced if there were options to market ClimateWise as a program model, rather than as a workshop package. Organizations are welcome to use or adapt these materials. That way the program can be adapted to fit with your priorities, with portions of the program implemented separately rather than as a complete series.

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Reports and details about workshop sessions are not available electronically. If you’d like more information, email

Goals and objectives

The goal of the team is to assess the utility of an outreach program to influence behaviour change.

  1. To build awareness and understanding among Albertans of climate change and its impacts.
  2. To overcome barriers and encourage and motivate Albertans to take personal action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Specific desired behaviours of program participants were that they would:

  1. Attend a workshop series in their community to learn about climate change and personal activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Reduce their reliance on single occupant fossil-fuel transportation.
  3. Adopt efficient driving practices.
  4. Improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
  5. Make energy efficient consumer choices.
  1. Understand the personal barriers that inhibit Albertans from taking actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Understand how different segments (i.e. urban/rural) of the Alberta population respond to the issue of climate change and identify the most effective means of engaging the various segments.
  3. Develop an understanding of the utility of distinct tools that have been developed in Canada for engaging the public.
  4. Maintaining an understanding of the different community/public engagement programs currently being implemented within Alberta.
  5. Stimulate behaviour change that will encourage reduced greenhouse gas emissions through program initiatives. 
  6. Develop a plan for partnering with other provincial and national organizations (i.e. Climate Change Central) in providing public engagement across the province.