Governance Review Committee

The Ad Hoc Governance Review Committee (GRC) was established in December 2018 following approval from the CASA Board. The purpose of the committee is to make recommendations about CASA’s governance model practices, structures, and processes. Specifically, the committee will:

  • Provide a comprehensive picture of the current governance model and high-level history of CASA’s governance model.
    • Create opportunities for the CASA Board to understand the current state governance model as context to possible changes.
  • Complete research to understand the range of appropriate governance model options that are applicable to CASA.
  • Assess the current CASA structure against leading practices in member services/association governance, including consensus-driven organizations (gap analysis).
  • Address the following specific items when assessing the CASA governance model:
    • Complete a competitor analysis to identify issues and opportunities.
    • Determine CASA’s optimal future:
      • Value proposition (an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers).
      • Mandate, product, and client(s).
      • Membership, including roles, and responsibilities.
      • Organizational values (the things that we believe are important in the way we work together).
      • Strategic partner(s) (if different from the member stakeholder organizations).
      • Organizational relationships and roles (Board – Executive – Executive Director – Project Teams – committees (if any))
      • Funding model.
      • Performance Measures.
      • Propose a future state governance “model” – including how the Board of Directors will operate within the established/revised governance structure considering relationships (i.e. between the Board of Directors and Secretariat, Executive and Board of Directors) roles, responsibilities, behaviours, standards, and decision making that are required to ensure that the structures can operate effectively.