Electrical Framework Review

This project team was formed in June 2007 to review the 2003 Emissions Management Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector Report to Stakeholders, and update it if necessary.

A key recommendation of that report was that a multi-stakeholder review be done every five years to ensure continuous improvement and keep the Framework timely and relevant.

More details are available in the project’s terms of reference.

Team members include those on the full committee, as well as task and working groups.


The team presented its final report to the CASA Board of Directors in June 2010.

That report included 10 consensus recommendations. It also included one non-consensus recommendation related to new source standards for gas-fired generation. For details, download the project team’s Final Report : Report on the First Five-Year Review of the Emissions Management Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector, May 2010.

(Prepared by the CASA Electricity Framework Review Project Team for the CASA Board of Directors)

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Control Technologies and Reduction Strategies

Please note: Several adjustments were made to the original forecast results that were necessary to incorporate new information as well as correct for some formulaic errors that existed in the original emission level and intensity forecast results. These adjustments had a material effect on both historical and forecast emission levels and intensity calculations. CASA requested EDC attach an Appendix to their document entitled Electricity Framework 5 Year Review – Generation and Emissions Forecasts, July 8, 2009, summarizing the corrections and showing the corrected data. The data presented in this report reflects the corrected data. See Appendix 4 of the report for full details.

Please note: Once the team had completed their work on developing updated emissions standards, they arranged for the original forecast to be updated, reflecting the revised standards that would come into effect on January 1, 2011. For comparison purposes, the market fundamentals and assumptions that were used to develop the original forecast were kept consistent in this revised forecast. Although consensus was not reached on a NOx source standard for new gas-fired thermal generation, the team agreed to use the draft, non-consensus source standard for the purposes of updating the emissions forecast.

Disclaimer: These reports were prepared by a third party consultant to provide advice to the team only. They are not a consensus report of the team.


For the history behind this review team, learn more about the original Electricity Project.

Implementation of Recommendations

Alberta Environment Report:

Implementation of Recommendations made in the Emissions Management Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector, May 2009

Disclaimer: This report was prepared by a third party consultant to provide advice to the team only.  It is not a consensus report of the team.

Visit Alberta Environment for more information on how that department manages air emissions in the electricity sector.

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