In October 2017 Alberta Environment and Parks, via a letter from Deputy Minister Andre Corbould, asked CASA to develop and recommend a nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions standard by December 31st, 2017 that could be applied to coal-fired electricity generation units that converted to fire natural gas instead of coal. The work was to include:

  • Draft technology requirements for coal-to-gas (CTG) unit conversion
  • A draft NOx emission standard for CTG unit conversion
  • Allowable lifespan for a CTG unit conversion based on the draft NOx emission standard 

CASA established the Coal-to-Gas Project Team to undertake this work. 

The multi-stakeholder group met for five days in October and November of 2017, and its discussions were informed by a third-party engineering consultant’s report commissioned by the Government of Alberta. The group reached consensus on a Coal-to-Gas Unit Conversion NOx Emission Standard Agreement, and subsequently obtained the endorsement of industry, ENGO, and Government of Alberta stakeholders who were represented on the working group. The agreement is a two-page document that was presented to and approved by the CASA board at its December 13th, 2017 meeting.